What could be causing memory problems

Worried about your memory

Many people worry about their memory, especially as we get older. You may be afraid that forgetfulness is the start of something else, like dementia. Your memory may be nothing to worry about.


If you are concerned, this booklet: Worried about your memory (pdf) from Health Scotland can support you with deciding if you should contact your GP.


Your local GP is your first point of contact if you are worried about your memory. In Aberdeenshire, if dementia is suspected, your diagnosis may be made by your GP or they may refer you to a Psychiatrist for further assessments.


Support is available if you do get a diagnosis of dementia – recently diagnosed with dementia.


Living well as you get older

Staying active is a great way to have fun and feel better for people of all ages. For older people, there are significant health benefits to keeping active and being aware of how to remain as fit and healthy as possible.


NHS Inform provide lots of helpful hints and tips on living well.



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