The benefits of seeking a dementia diagnosis

Many people put off getting help because they believe it won’t change anything for them. Getting a diagnosis of dementia at the right time can allow you to get the support you need. It also gives you access to any therapies and medications which may be of benefit to you.


Support to understand your diagnosis

In Scotland, everyone who is newly diagnosed with dementia should have access to a minimum of 1 year support. This is called Post Diagnostic Support.


In Aberdeenshire, this is provided by either a Dementia Outreach Nurse or a Link Worker.


This support aims to help you to understand your diagnosis and make plans for now and in the future.


Alzheimer Scotland’s website has more information about what the 5 Pillars Model of Post Diagnostic Support involves.


Therapies and medications

Currently there isn’t a cure for dementia, but there are drugs and therapies which might lessen your symptoms. Your GP or Psychiatrist will discuss with you if there is any treatment which would benefit you.


The Alzheimer’s Society website has general information and advice about treatments.



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