Speech and Language Therapist

A Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) can support you and your family to maximise communication skills. So you can maintain your independence, your relationships, be involved in your own care and make decisions about your future.


Support may involve:

  • assessment
  • direct therapy
  • provision of alternative and augmentative communication methods (AAC)
  • communication education for carers
  • advice about ways to communicate and interact when conversation is difficult

SLTs are also involved in assessing and managing swallowing difficulties in people living with dementia.


The Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire SLTs have a leaflet which details common challenges and ways to help. If you would like a copy please contact your local SLT.


If you feel you would benefit from seeing a SLT please ask your Dementia Outreach Nurse or other Health Care Professional to make a referral.



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