Later stages of dementia

The later stages of dementia generally represents a time when you will become more frail. Some people prefer not to think about this stage of their dementia, while others would rather know more and be prepared.


Ideally if you have had support at an early stage after diagnosis planning for your future care needs will be part of this. You will have practical measures in place to support you, such as Power of Attorney. The Dementia, the law and dementia rights section of this website has more information.


The support you might need at this stage depends on:

  • how your dementia affects you
  • the family support around you
  • where you live, for example at home or in a care home

An assessment of your needs may already have been done by a member of the Core Team. If this hasn’t been done you can request an assessment. How to get care services on Aberdeenshire Council’s website explains how to do this.


The Alzheimer’s Society website has general advice and information on what to expect in the later stages of dementia.



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